Bedtime Doodling

Inktober; everyone becomes an artist sharing their masterpieces on social media; inked pieces are jetted on a daily basis. But not in my case, no, since I have a real struggle finding time to do so. The time I can spare for my art are fully dedicated to commissions, a shame really, since Inktober is a great chance to drill oneself. Yet I am not alone trying to find time; time is the poverty of our society, but I suggest doodling. I myself am trying to do some bedtime doodling, grabbing my sketchpad, pencil and eraser when I tuck in.

Actually I find it very effective since I both practice and relax while doing so. And I find this moment of quite, relaxing drawing as something extraordinary, since the mind and pencil then are allowed to travel in ways they wouldn’t when I sit down to make a specific piece for a specific creation. Sure, sometimes I just go for stereotypical practices like faces or hand and so on, but I don’t mind since it is practice and I aim for a relaxed mind; to let me draw for drawing itself, not to perform the best I can.

So, if you like me find inktober a bit … forced, or if you like me make art that is 90+% ink already, then doodle. Grab a piece of paper or whatever and something to draw with a take your time when there is time; on the bus, on the train, in the car, in the bed, in the bath, whatever.

Keep up and I will give you another post soon, showing my bedtime doodling.

Best regards,