Bedtime Doodle #4

Yet some doodles made by bedtime though not in bed. Tonight I sat by the kitchen table by the soft under cabinet light. Such lighting is pretty bad for drawing, I know, but cosy.

I tend to like to doodle and sketch in bad but cosy lighting which sort of inspires me; it makes me relaxed and that gloom gives me mystical vibes. Since I often work in the genres of weird fantasy, science fiction and horror it fits me like a glove. Sure, it does not do for finished products but as I said, it is while sketching and fooling around.

And nowadays everything is more cosy then ever here in Sweden; it is late autumn and winter is approaching. The sun falls in the afternoon and by 6 pm it is dark as Indian ink. Sure it is also very depressing, but when you, like me, live in the countryside and dwell inside in the warmth that melancholy easily transform into coziness … Thick darkness, cold winds, whirling leaves and/or heavy rain or sprinkling snow. I mean, imagine what guys like Ray Bradbury or Stephen King could make of such things.

Yes, I definitely drew this sailor because of this. Old school sailors are awesome and thankful spin-offs; maybe I should try to make a finished drawing of a fishy sailor sometime.

Best regards,