Mignola And The Bargue

As mentioned in a previous post the art of Mike Mignola means a lot to me. His original style and characters has made him sort of a legend, especially to lads and gals thrilled by gothic horror and weird fiction. And many of them brood on how to draw like Mike.

Actually there are thousands of contributions on this subject out there on the net – forum posts, blog articles, video tutorials, and so on.

And now it is time for me to make you a Mignola tutorial, right?

But no, I will not – since you may attack Mike’s style from many directions depending on how you choose to decipher it. Though I will share one of my favourite grips on how to read Mike’s way to build a good sense of 3D by the principle that less is more.

… This, of course, is not just applicable on the art of Mike Mignola. As you will find in the inks mentioned below you may apply it to everything you would like to draw.

Yes, as you may have guessed, I am talking about The Bargue Method. Please read the following links to understand exactly what I am talking about; to get how it applies to Mike Mignola.

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