Short Adventure From SagaGames

I am still working on that game project I told you about. But now I have also heard from Tomas Arfert, at SagaGames, who has asked me to do some maps and illustrations for a short adventure. Of course, I am glad to do so; Tomas is a nice guy and SagaGames is an awesome […]

Another Swedish OSR Game

As I mentioned in my previous post I have been made yet another offer for a game project. It turned out well and I am now assigned to make both the cover and insert art. The cover piece will not be a specifically made one, though, but an older piece from my shop which the […]

Long Time No Seen

Well, at the moment there are not much to tell. Lately I have just been sketching and doing some simple fan art. The reason? I am, as I have mentioned before, too busy with my day job and family, as always. Especially now since I recently got a new placement at work. But, I am […]

Rembrandt Is The Shit

If you, like me, are into popular culture, your favourite artists are most often famous comic book artists, conceptual designers, game illustrators and such. And sure, those guys and gals can all be put into different styles and eras, but no matter if we are talking about Frank Frazetta or Becky Cloonan it is pop culture; […]

Quickie From the Smartphone

… I just got to pick up the ink wash again. It is so nice to work with though I am a bit rusty. Well, I freehanded a cute little cyber-gnome for this first test. Best regards, Andreas

Awesome Art and My False Nostalgia

Spring is coming, I got some new energy and that means that I am more often trying to find time for illustrating. Since I am a Swedish role-playing geek I get a lot of my inspiration from Swedish tabletop-games made in the 1980’s and -90’s. That means, obviously I guess, one of my favourite artists […]

Handouts and Lack of Time

Too much to do, and not enough time – as always. That is how life rolls for a family father with a job, studies and hobbies to keep up with. But I’m once again working on some stuff for the Swedish OSR game Svärd och Svartkonst. You better check out their store at DriveThruRPG to get some awesome […]

Commission Project: Apocalyptish #1

An acquaintance of mine has offered me a deal in which I am going to make a bunch of post-apocalyptic themed illustrations. Here is for starters!        Best regards, Andreas  

New Games New Commissions

Once again I have got the pleasure and honour to work on Swedish role-playing game projects. Right know I am working on a couple of ink illustrations for a coming adventure called Djävulen i kryptan (The Devil in the Crypt). It is for the upcoming Swedish OSR roleplaying-game Svärd & Svartkonst – Äventyr i underjorden (Sword […]