New Games New Commissions

Once again I have got the pleasure and honour to work on Swedish role-playing game projects. Right know I am working on a couple of ink illustrations for a coming adventure called Djävulen i kryptan (The Devil in the Crypt). It is for the upcoming Swedish OSR roleplaying-game Svärd & Svartkonst – Äventyr i underjorden (Sword […]

For Sale: Original Ink Artwork of Countess Báthory

Buy the original ink-drawing, on A4 Daler-Rowney Bristol Board, of my lastest print, Countess Báthory. 300 SEK + postage. You may reach me through my Contact form.                   Best regards, Andreas

Back In Business 

Finally, I am back again, starting out with some new prints which you may purchase from my store at Society6. And, since I have finally gotten a new scanner I will cut back on the digital work, to carry on in a more traditional manner; primary in pencil, pen, brush and ink on Bristol Board paper. […]