Bedtime Doodle #3

Tonight I finished a very nice novel, Huset vid vägens slut (The House at the End of the Road), by the Swedish author Magnus Nordin. It is a crime and horror story about a bunch of teenage boys who discovers that this haunted house they think is only a ghost story is much more real […]

Drawings From Work

As I might have mentioned before I am not a fultime illustrator; I have a fultime job as an after school recreation instructor. That means that I do a lot of developing spare time activities with the children, and not rarely we draw together. Today I made a couple of tattoo inspired drawings and was […]

Bedtime Doodle #2

‘Evening! I did just finish another one; a quick doodle of dear old Tom Bombadill. A bit weird in some parts, but a doodles is a doodle and to keep the pencil going is more important then the specific result. As I have mentioned it is about drawing for the sake of drawing; you do […]

Bedtime Doodle Examples

As I promised in my previous post I will now show you a few examples of my bedtime doodling. As I said, it only takes a relaxed mind, pencil and paper to get a few minutes of daily drawing for the sake of drawing. Excuse the bad lighting but it sure is work by bedtime. […]

Bedtime Doodling

Inktober; everyone becomes an artist sharing their masterpieces on social media; inked pieces are jetted on a daily basis. But not in my case, no, since I have a real struggle finding time to do so. The time I can spare for my art are fully dedicated to commissions, a shame really, since Inktober is […]

Short Adventure From SagaGames

I am still working on that game project I told you about. But now I have also heard from Tomas Arfert, at SagaGames, who has asked me to do some maps and illustrations for a short adventure. Of course, I am glad to do so; Tomas is a nice guy and SagaGames is an awesome […]

Another Swedish OSR Game

As I mentioned in my previous post I have been made yet another offer for a game project. It turned out well and I am now assigned to make both the cover and insert art. The cover piece will not be a specifically made one, though, but an older piece from my shop which the […]

Long Time No Seen

Well, at the moment there are not much to tell. Lately I have just been sketching and doing some simple fan art. The reason? I am, as I have mentioned before, too busy with my day job and family, as always. Especially now since I recently got a new placement at work. But, I am […]

Rembrandt Is The Shit

If you, like me, are into popular culture, your favourite artists are most often famous comic book artists, conceptual designers, game illustrators and such. And sure, those guys and gals can all be put into different styles and eras, but no matter if we are talking about Frank Frazetta or Becky Cloonan it is pop culture; […]