New Games New Commissions

Once again I have got the pleasure and honour to work on Swedish role-playing game projects.

Right know I am working on a couple of ink illustrations for a coming adventure called Djävulen i kryptan (The Devil in the Crypt). It is for the upcoming Swedish OSR roleplaying-game Svärd & Svartkonst – Äventyr i underjorden (Sword & Sorcery – Adventures in the Underworld).

The adventures will be translated into English, even though the game will not. You will be able to buy The Devil in the Crypt along with other adventures from the Svärd & Svartkonst store at DriveThruRPG, both printed and digital. Of course they are all available in Swedish as well.

The English versions are not specifically for Svärd & Svartkonst but is designed to be compatible with any traditional role-playing game.

Best regards,