Awesome Art and My False Nostalgia


Arch Primate, P. Bergting, 1993.

Spring is coming, I got some new energy and that means that I am more often trying to find time for illustrating. Since I am a Swedish role-playing geek I get a lot of my inspiration from Swedish tabletop-games made in the 1980’s and -90’s. That means, obviously I guess, one of my favourite artists is Peter Bergting.

Right now I am studying and awing some of his most famous, early work – from Mutant Chronicles. I mean, just look at this, it is so full of atmosphere – especially the inks, in my humble opinion. Peter has always had a great sence for simple but very striking lineart and the same goes for his shadows. And if you study his later work (see below) I think you will notice that also his colours are of an exclusive kind.

It is an awesome retrospect and hugh waves of false nostalgia overwhemes me; I was born in 1987 and was five years old when most of these were made (and was not going to learn about roleplaying-games or Peter Bergting for another 7–8 years). But, so is most often my case when it comes to my interests; most great stuff happened long before I came along. Long story short, everone should know Peter Bergting – his illustrations are often what keeps me going.


Freelance Medic, P. Bergting, 1994.


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