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Beer And Skeletons; Another Shop Update

New stuff in the Shop, again. This time it is a piece called Live Rough and another called Taste of Friday. Well, I will let them speak for themselves. Best regards, Andreas

Gentleman; Shop Update!

I’ve updated the previous Gentleman to better fit the design of the Lady. This is how the new one looks. Click the image to visit the Shop. Best regards, Andreas

Lady; New Design In The Shop

Finally, the Gentleman is now accompanied by his Lady. Last night I uploaded this new design to my Shop to complete my recent thoughts of a pop-vintage theme. If you want a simplistic but charming print, canvas, pillow, mobile shell, or whatever, you better check this one out. And of course, why not combine the […]

New Year New Stuff

A new year has come and so will new deeds. Most recent I have illustrated the first issue of Grimoire, a fanzine made by the guys behind the Swedish OSR game Svärd & Svartkonst, containing game material for that very game and games alike. Please note that this fanzine is written in Swedish. The illustrations […]

Gentleman; New Design In The Shop

A couple of days ago I uploaded a new design to the Shop. I call it Gentleman and it comes with either pink or blue background. So, if you want a simplistic but charming print, canvas, pillow, mobile shell, or whatever, you better check this one out. Best regards, Andreas

Mignola And The Bargue

As mentioned in a previous post the art of Mike Mignola means a lot to me. His original style and characters has made him sort of a legend, especially to lads and gals thrilled by gothic horror and weird fiction. And many of them brood on how to draw like Mike. Actually there are thousands […]

Black Friday @ Solvebring’s

Yeah, I know, I do not have to go on and on, explaining Black Friday. Of course you all know that means awesome artsy stuff to affordable prices. Please check out my shop at Zippi and get yourself or a dear friend a new bag, pillow, canvas painting or whatever you need. It is appreciated. […]

Bed Time Work (… And Doodle #5)

New commissions keep coming and last night I took the opportunity to put some ideas to print. The result is these two sketches in which I have experimented with the concept features.   And of course I made a little doodle; yet another dragon. Best regards, Andreas

Bedtime Doodle #4

Yet some doodles made by bedtime though not in bed. Tonight I sat by the kitchen table by the soft under cabinet light. Such lighting is pretty bad for drawing, I know, but cosy. I tend to like to doodle and sketch in bad but cosy lighting which sort of inspires me; it makes me […]