New Year New Stuff

A new year has come and so will new deeds. Most recent I have illustrated the first issue of Grimoire, a fanzine made by the guys behind the Swedish OSR game Svärd & Svartkonst, containing game material for that very game and games alike. Please note that this fanzine is written in Swedish. The illustrations […]

Mignola And The Bargue

As mentioned in a previous post the art of Mike Mignola means a lot to me. His original style and characters has made him sort of a legend, especially to lads and gals thrilled by gothic horror and weird fiction. And many of them brood on how to draw like Mike. Actually there are thousands […]

Bed Time Work (… And Doodle #5)

New commissions keep coming and last night I took the opportunity to put some ideas to print. The result is these two sketches in which I have experimented with the concept features.   And of course I made a little doodle; yet another dragon. Best regards, Andreas

Bedtime Doodle #4

Yet some doodles made by bedtime though not in bed. Tonight I sat by the kitchen table by the soft under cabinet light. Such lighting is pretty bad for drawing, I know, but cosy. I tend to like to doodle and sketch in bad but cosy lighting which sort of inspires me; it makes me […]

Bedtime Doodle #3

Tonight I finished a very nice novel, Huset vid vägens slut (The House at the End of the Road), by the Swedish author Magnus Nordin. It is a crime and horror story about a bunch of teenage boys who discovers that this haunted house they think is only a ghost story is much more real […]

Drawings From Work

As I might have mentioned before I am not a fultime illustrator; I have a fultime job as an after school recreation instructor. That means that I do a lot of developing spare time activities with the children, and not rarely we draw together. Today I made a couple of tattoo inspired drawings and was […]

Bedtime Doodle #2

‘Evening! I did just finish another one; a quick doodle of dear old Tom Bombadill. A bit weird in some parts, but a doodles is a doodle and to keep the pencil going is more important then the specific result. As I have mentioned it is about drawing for the sake of drawing; you do […]

Bedtime Doodle Examples

As I promised in my previous post I will now show you a few examples of my bedtime doodling. As I said, it only takes a relaxed mind, pencil and paper to get a few minutes of daily drawing for the sake of drawing. Excuse the bad lighting but it sure is work by bedtime. […]

Bedtime Doodling

Inktober; everyone becomes an artist sharing their masterpieces on social media; inked pieces are jetted on a daily basis. But not in my case, no, since I have a real struggle finding time to do so. The time I can spare for my art are fully dedicated to commissions, a shame really, since Inktober is […]