Long Time No Seen

Well, at the moment there are not much to tell. Lately I have just been sketching and doing some simple fan art. The reason? I am, as I have mentioned before, too busy with my day job and family, as always. Especially now since I recently got a new placement at work. But, I am just busy, not gone. As you might know I got a deal with the guys behind Svärd & Svartkonst; they keep me busy whenever they need my style for adventures and stuff. And recently I got an offer that seems very interesting, but depending on how the game designer would like to form the project details.










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Rembrandt Is The Shit

If you, like me, are into popular culture, your favourite artists are most often famous comic book artists, conceptual designers, game illustrators and such. And sure, those guys and gals can all be put into different styles and eras, but no matter if we are talking about Frank Frazetta or Becky Cloonan it is pop culture; modern styles of art and narration.

But what about traditional art, can we get any useful inspiration from such?

I would say we can, and it is not as far fetched as we might think. First of all, art is art and new styles evolves from old ones, obviously. But, more remarkably, we might identify common denominators between, for instance, Rembrandt and … Mike Mignola. Yes, I am a big fan of Mignola and I love work built on catchy shadows. Well, to make this (not at all scientific) theory a bit more comprehensible, please let me show and tell. As you might have guessed by know, I am talking about Rembrandt Lighting:

»[…] is a lighting technique that is used in studio portrait photography. […] Rembrandt lighting is characterized by an illuminated triangle under the eye of the subject on the less illuminated side of the face. It is named for the Dutch painter Rembrandt, who often used this type of lighting.»¹


Mignola’s HP Lovecraft and ”Self portrait sketch” by Rembrandt.

Obviously, it is not only Mignola. I mean, I do not think that Mike Mignola sat down one day and thought to himself: ”Hey, I’m really into shadows, why don’t I use that kind of lighting they evolved during the Dutch golden age!” It is more likely that other historical artists found interest in this way of lighting and carried it on from there, then others picked it up and then comics came along and …

… Today you will find that this way of lighting is not so popular among painters but photographers. I can not say exactly how it found it’s way into comics, but I guess it has to do with comics being about simplifying. In short, if you want to keep things simple but striking you will approach simple but striking techniques; and there we got Rembrandt as a model.

What can I or we learn from this?

Michelangelo’s statue of Moses.

I believe that to enrich our inspiration at a wider range we can not only study our immediate models but allow us to move back and forth through history and look at both the originators and the evolvers, both distant and close to the styles we would like to approach. As well as learning from  Andy Warhol, John Howe or  Jim Steranko we should also look back at Leonardo da Vinci, Anthony van Dyck, Artemisia Gentileschi or Louise Élisabeth Vigée Le Brun.

¹ Wikipedia: The Free Encyclopedia. Rembrandt lighting. 2016. Wikipedia: https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Rembrandt_lighting, (accessed 10 April, 2017).

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New Shop For Art Prints

Today I have decided to leave Society6 and instead go for Zippi. It is pretty much the same thing as Society6; a web shop and artist community for art prints on demand, but based in the United Kingdom instead of the United States.


Because Zippi is more affordable, especially when it comes to shipping since most of my customers are European citizens – it is a pity to buy printed art if feeling ripped by the delivery costs. Obviously it is in my interest to do my best towards my costumers.

You will find your way to my shop at Zippi by following this link or by clicking the Shop-button in the menu above.

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Quickie From the Smartphone

… I just got to pick up the ink wash again. It is so nice to work with though I am a bit rusty. Well, I freehanded a cute little cyber-gnome for this first test.

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Awesome Art and My False Nostalgia


Arch Primate, P. Bergting, 1993.

Spring is coming, I got some new energy and that means that I am more often trying to find time for illustrating. Since I am a Swedish role-playing geek I get a lot of my inspiration from Swedish tabletop-games made in the 1980’s and -90’s. That means, obviously I guess, one of my favourite artists is Peter Bergting.

Right now I am studying and awing some of his most famous, early work – from Mutant Chronicles. I mean, just look at this, it is so full of atmosphere – especially the inks, in my humble opinion. Peter has always had a great sence for simple but very striking lineart and the same goes for his shadows. And if you study his later work (see below) I think you will notice that also his colours are of an exclusive kind.

It is an awesome retrospect and hugh waves of false nostalgia overwhemes me; I was born in 1987 and was five years old when most of these were made (and was not going to learn about roleplaying-games or Peter Bergting for another 7–8 years). But, so is most often my case when it comes to my interests; most great stuff happened long before I came along. Long story short, everone should know Peter Bergting – his illustrations are often what keeps me going.


Freelance Medic, P. Bergting, 1994.


Peter Bergting’s official website

Mutant Chronicles on Wikipedia

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Handouts and Lack of Time

Too much to do, and not enough time – as always. That is how life rolls for a family father with a job, studies and hobbies to keep up with. But I’m once again working on some stuff for the Swedish OSR game Svärd och Svartkonst. You better check out their store at DriveThruRPG to get some awesome OSR game material.

Well, more to come this spring and summer.

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Commission Project: Apocalyptish #1

An acquaintance of mine has offered me a deal in which I am going to make a bunch of post-apocalyptic themed illustrations.

Here is for starters!

campfire-small    soldiergrl-small


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New Games New Commissions

Once again I have got the pleasure and honour to work on Swedish role-playing game projects.

Right know I am working on a couple of ink illustrations for a coming adventure called Djävulen i kryptan (The Devil in the Crypt). It is for the upcoming Swedish OSR roleplaying-game Svärd & Svartkonst – Äventyr i underjorden (Sword & Sorcery – Adventures in the Underworld).

The adventures will be translated into English, even though the game will not. You will be able to buy The Devil in the Crypt along with other adventures from the Svärd & Svartkonst store at DriveThruRPG, both printed and digital. Of course they are all available in Swedish as well.

The English versions are not specifically for Svärd & Svartkonst but is designed to be compatible with any traditional role-playing game.

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For Sale: Original Ink Artwork of Countess Báthory

Buy the original ink-drawing, on A4 Daler-Rowney Bristol Board, of my lastest print, Countess Báthory.

300 SEK + postage. You may reach me through my Contact form.











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